WebVector is an HTML to SVG or PNG convertor. It converts a HTML document into a vector image in SVG format or a bitmap image in PNG format. The Standard Vector Graphics (SVG) files can be further edited by a variety of vector graphics editors such as Inkscape.

Latest release

The latest release is WebVector 3.4 released on Feb 23, 2015. See the downloads page for more information.


WebVector requires a Java 7 Runtime Environment or newer installed in your system. It has been tested on Linux and Windows platforms.

Installation and running

Command Line Interface

WebVector has a simple command line interface. For converting a web page to an image just type:

java -jar webvector-<version>.jar <url> <output_file> <format>



See the examples of a SVG file or a PNG file generated by WebVector.


WebVector is based on the CSSBox Rendering Engine.